When can you come for a visit?

When can I come meet the PUPPIES?

We know you will be excited to meet your litter of puppies and see where they have been born and raised!

Over the years, we have learned many things about the care and protection of our puppies.

We LOVE having people in our home to meet and play with our puppies in order for them to get a healthy amount of people socialization.

We used to have a very open door policy, allowing anyone who wanted to see our puppies to come by for an appointment.

While we are very social people, this was a distraction to the other growth experiences we provide for our puppies. Also, being home based, it did not leave us much time to attend to the many details we needed to take care of.

The final deciding factor that caused us to make a change was the fact that in 2012, our puppies were the unlucky recipients of a virus which caused extensive care from our veterinarian and was the reason we lost one of our beloved puppies.

For these reasons, we have come to a wonderful compromise.  It has been a perfect win/win for us and for our very loyal customers!

We now hold an Open House when the puppies are 6 weeks of age (give or take a day or two). This is a special time for the families, who are getting puppies in our litters, to come and meet the puppies and their momma.

It lasts about 2 hours and the families get to see the puppies and how they interact with their family as well as with the others in attendance.  We provide a little informational chat and allow plenty of time for questions and answers.  We have found this to be a benefit for the puppies, the families and for us.

If you have never met an Australian Labradoodle and are curious about what they look like, I encourage you to visit almost any dog park, doggie day care or highly attended dog area.  This breed is increasingly popular and you are sure to meet one (or two or three) on one of these outings.

Thank-you for respecting our desire to maintain the health and welfare of our puppies!