Allocation Process

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Which puppy will be mine???

This is our most frequently asked question.
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Thank-you so much for your interest in our sweet puppies!

We take great care and pride in our breeding program, the health of our puppies and their socialization as they develop.

Along with these important factors, we also spend countless hours in observation of each individual puppy to help determine which one will thrive in what home.

Our allocation process is a two-fold system.  We ask for and welcome input from potential puppy families and ask each family to give us their top 3-5 choices in the litter, once they reach the age of 6-7 weeks.  At 6 weeks of age, we hold an Open House designed exclusively for our new puppy families. This will allow you to come to Bedrock Labradoodles and meet the litter from which you are purchasing a puppy. We realize that some families will have the ability to come and some may not have that option.  It is not a requirement and I work with each family to explain what the puppies temperaments are like and which puppies may be the best fit for them.

As the puppies approach the 8 week age, we also will do our very best to give you and idea of who may or may not be available, based on needs & order of deposit receipt of other applicants.

At 8 weeks of age, the puppies are evaluated by a professional.  Once that is complete, I begin the allocation process. We take the information from each family and make the placements based on what they are asking for along with the observations we have made as we carefully watch each puppy mature, interacting amongst themselves as well as with the visitors that come to meet them. Although we do place puppies based on the order of deposits received, we also will only place a puppy in your home if it is a good fit. We ask families to be open minded when it comes to the many varied specifics such as gender and color. The more open minded you are in the allocation process, the more likely we will be to place a puppy in your home as soon as possible.

This is a process we have been doing for years now.  We have yet to have a family that is anything but thrilled and appreciative of the perfect placement of their new puppy.

We hope this answers all of your questions about our allocation process.

We will look forward to hearing from you.

Please read this email from one of our recent puppy families as they recount their personal experience with our allocation process…

To all the future Bedrock Labradoodles families,
We (my husband and I) had the best experience buying a puppy at Bedrock Labradoodles! We were the first family to trial the Bedrock Labradoodles “alternate list”, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!
My husband and I were alternates for the Kelly/Deacon litter (born 7/29/2015). There were 9 puppies altogether. Six families had already secured a spot, one of the puppies was going to be a service dog, and Maggie had the top two “picks of the litter”. We had put down our deposit, and we went to visit the puppies at the Open House (when the puppies were 6 weeks old) knowing that we may not get a puppy. My husband and I just felt happy that we were on the list, but we did not get our hopes up too much because getting a puppy was not guaranteed. It was not until we were at the Open House when we found out that we were no longer “alternates”. It was such an amazing feeling, because we walked into the visit with nothing promised – but we walked out knowing with 100% certainty, that in just two weeks we were going to be proud puppy parents! Through the whole process we were not considered less important than the other families since we began as “alternates”. At the Open House we ranked our top three favorite puppies on a piece of paper, and submitted it, just like all the other families. We did not get last pick. Our choices were just as important as all the other families choices. When the puppies were 8 weeks old, they go through special behavior/personality testing. It is not until after the testing that Maggie makes her own picks (to decide if she is going to keep any of the puppies for future breeding) and to match the puppies with their forever homes! It was the same day that the puppies went through the testing that we got a phone call from Maggie, telling us which pup we were “matched” with! It turned out that we got our FIRST pick! All of the families in our litter got their first pick! It was fate! Thinking back…we started the entire process not knowing if we were even going to get a puppy, and then we ended up getting our first pick! We would have been so happy no matter what puppy we got, but when we were finally handed our puppy on our pick-up day – the journey we had made it that much sweeter!
Like I said, we wouldn’t have had it any other way! We felt like it was all meant to be!! My husband and I had the BEST experience, and it was one of the happiest times of our lives! Our little red collar boy, Norman, has been such a joy to raise these past few months! We look forward to so many happy, healthy years to come!
Katie & Joe DiPietro
Norman with Katie and Joe