Available Puppies

We will have puppies available this

We have a wonderful variety of sizes coming soon.

Stella & Skeeter
Due 3/17/16
Large Mini’s
Mulitgen Australian Labradoodles

(25-30 lbs)

Stella & Skeeter Collage

Grace & Crockett
Due 3/17/16
Mulitgen American Labradoodles
(50-65 lbs)

Grace Crockett Collage

Kelly & Crockett
Due 2/21/16
Mulitgen American Labradoodles
(50-65 lbs)

Kelly & Crockett

It will be an exciting/busy winter and spring here at Bedrock Labradoodles!

We invite you to take a couple of minutes and watch this new video about us!
This will help you to see who we are and what our passion is.

Thanks for visiting with us!

Bedrock Labradoodles from Micah Bartel on Vimeo.

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