Meet our happy families…

It has been our pleasure to work with Fred and Maggie. Our stud boy, Bedrock’s Robinson Caruso, is a sweet and sensitive dog with the most excellent temperament. We have been blessed to have Rossi in our breeding program and in our home. Everyone who meets him wants a puppy just like him! We are so thankful for the high breeding standards that Bedrock Labradoodles has for their breeding program and also for the integrity and professionalism they have shown in our ongoing relationship with them. Thank you, Fred and Maggie, for our amazing boy!
Kelly Lorton
Orchard View Labradoodles
Just sent you some pictures of Ollie at 7 months. One of my patients called him a human Valium. She says he gives her a sense of normalcy when she’s talking about painful stuff. She says he gives her a breather.
P.S. We adore him. As you can see, he’s great with other animals, loves people, and is very funny. He sleeps with, and often, on me.”
And, later…….
“Just thought you’d like to know that Ollie has continued to be a gifted co-psychotherapist, soothing and conferring safety particularly for victims of trauma. He is a strikingly handsome dog who draws admiration not only for his appearance, but also his calm demeanor.”
What a sweet boy he is turning out to be………. He is such a sleepy little pup in the morning that he scuffles his feet down the hallway.  I have to laugh at him, sometimes.  After he’s had his water he wants to go cuddle before having breakfast.  So, he leads me to the couch and sits right up next to me with his head in my lap so that I can pet him and cuddle with him.  After about 20 minutes he wants to eat.  This is our very special time in the morning.  He eats and I make my breakfast…………… He goes back into his kennel while I put on make-up, etc. and he sleeps some more.  He’s not much of a morning person — takes awhile for him to wake up.
Tomorrow is his first grooming.  Yipppeee.
He learned to ring the bells at the door to go out and play instead of going potty.  Smart dog.”
“Jobi thinks he is a Chihauhua… It is pretty fun.  He tries to go into my purse to go bye bye too!……..He is a lover and so happy……I am thinking about training him for pet therapy for Hospice….he is so sweet!!! We love him…..I am sitting here with Jobi- thank you so much for sending us this blessing he is a very special dog. So filled with luv…..He brings so much joy.”
~Dina DeLorenzo